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World Edition: World Edition Mysteries
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General information
Type World Edition
Season 3
Setting Across the Globe
Primary LEA World Globe Agent
No. of cases in season 56
No. of regions in season 9
Unlocked by All 59 cases of Season 2 completed
Appears in Criminal Case (s3)
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Season 2 - Smart City Season 4 - Back to the Mysteries

The whole world comes to investigation in the World Edition: World Edition Mysteries, originally named World Edition (Darlynpaguio and Darlene), in a fanmade series of Criminal Case and known as Season 3 of the Criminal Case Mysteries Series. Although it is not fully completed, we decided to conclude the series.


Various law enforcement agencies govern certain localities across the globe, but the WGA (World Globe Agent) serves as a top police force specializing in difficult crimes to deal with by average law enforcement localities.