In case named "Romeo and Juliet", young Katie Turner (Alex's sister) was dead by Freddie was at midnight when the children were gathered in Julian's tree house,Freddy took Katie in the park where no one has gone before is not the children did not know.Other children (including Ramona, Scott and Julian) investigated the park in the pitch dark to look for ,when Kate told Freddy that she loves Julian Freddie got mad and made lots of crazy things.His latest craze led a team to investigate, and Freddy grabbed a pocket knife and Katy inflicted severe injuries.the last sentence that Katie had heard:,, do not deserve to live on this planet if you are breaking someone else's heart like mine you're broke, you need to die and disappear already. "Freddie was entrusted to the police and all who are in court Julian also jumped into the conversation and raging,he threatened to freddy that he would be after being released from prison to learn a lesson.Police had somehow managed to calm him down after such a hard moment,in the beginning everything seemed bad but not so much after Julian sentence:,, I loved her too much, we have seen sneak in a meadow, sneaked out of the house to be seen, and this is what happened."All were found to Freddy sentence twice more after that, and was sentenced to 43 years,Alex realized his life as a place without her young sister who lived only 12 years.

suspects:1.scott greene

2.ramona stewart

3.freddy stewart

4.Julian ramis

5.alex turner

6.john bradley(bulldog)

victim:Katy turner(12)She was brutally stabbed in the stomach 19 times but could not survive.

Killer:freddy stewart

killer motives:1.killer has something green on it

2.Killer contact with cats

3.killer is baseball player

4.killer is left-handed

5.killer's blood type is A+

6.Killer drinks whiskey

Scott greene:Baseball player,left-handed,blood type(A+)

Ramona stewart:has something green on it,contact with cats,blood type(A+)

freddy stewart:has something green on it,contact with cats,left-handed,baseball player,blood type(A+),drinks whiskey

Julian Ramis:has something green on it,contact with cats,baseball player,left-handed,blood type(A+)

Alex Turner:contact with cats,baseball player,left-handed,blood type(A+)

John Bradley:Baseball player,left-handed,drinks whiskey




release date:9.1.2015.

Partner(s):David Jones,Alex Turner

Murder weapon:Pocket Knife