After the SOMBRA leader was caught Jack Archer and you go to america for 1 day off only finding Ashton Cooper dead in the beach near Grimsbourgh.

Victim: Ashton Cooper

Murder Weapon: Razor Blades


Killer: Ashley Collins

Ashley Killed Ashton Cooper because he stole her Killer Cards that is "Really Rare" and then when Ashton was eating Ice cream Ashley shoved razor blades in to his mouth making Cooper dead.

Ashley was arrested for life time in jail with no chance in parole.


Riley Davies

Sheila MacCarthy

Ashley Collins


Zeus (William Lewis)

Sally Stone


Beach Beach Chair

Apartment Drawer

Garden Garden Chair

Suspect Has:

Riley eats Candy Floss Riley is allergic to pets

Sheila is allergic to pets Sheila has white shirt



Investigate Beach

Victim body: (18:00:00) (Killer Eats Candy Floss) (Candy Floss on Body)

Razor Blade Pack (4:00:00) (Killer Has White Shirt)

Phone: New Suspect: Sally

Broken Car Wheel: (Find Fingerprints)

Fingerprints (6:00:00) new Suspect Ginger

Interrigate: Sally (New Place: Apartment)

Interingate: Ginger (Eats Candy Floss)

Investigate Apartment

Gameboy with undentified liquid on

Undentified Liquid (Sally Eats Candyfloss)

White Clothes (Sally Wears White Clothes)

Flag (New Suspect: Zeus)

Interogate Zeus (has White shirt and Eat Candy floss)

Ashley Dam-0

Arrested, Lifetime in Jail. Ashley Collins