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David Jones: <Rank> <Name>, there's a dead body of man in the entrance of Police HQ. We must check it out who did this. Let's go!

Chapter 1Edit

Investigate Entrance of Police HQ.

(In investigation.)

David Jones: I will tell the helps how to do this again.
Jones: There are 6 items in the list below. Find those items hidden within the scene and click on them. Begin with the ball!
Jones: Great! When you need help, I can give you a hint. Try it now!
Jones: There are 4 items remaining in the list, find them all!

(After Investigating.)

Jones: Hm... The victim is a police officer. His name is Alex Corbel. We must send his body to the lab for autopsy.
Jones: This bloody knife is our murder weapon! Congratulations <Rank> <Name>, you did great on your first investigation!
Jones: Here's your Tablet! This is where you pick up your next action. Click here to go to the Lab!

Autopsy the victim's body.

Nathan: Hello, <Rank> <Name>, well - you've found a new body, hm... Interesting! Let me autopsy it and inform you.

Jones: That's great answer, Nathan!

(After the body is autopsied.)

Nathan: <Rank> <Name>, by checking this wound, I am sure to tell you that ther killer used his right hand to kill him.

'The killer is right handed.

Nathan: <Rank> <Name>, I've added this info to your file!

Jones: Thanks for autopsy, Nathan! We will see you again.

(The scene shifts to show the new Chief King.)

Jones: <Rank> <Name>, meet our new Chief King. His name is Dan Wilson.

Chief Dan Wilson: <Name>, so you are the best officer here, hm... Chief Dan Wilson: My name is Dan Wilson - I am the new chief king, here. I will help you if you need anything, ok.
Cheif Dan Wilson: <Name>, now we gotta need to investigate the house. Come on!

Jones: I hope so we will get the killer soon, <Rank> <Name>!

Investigate House.

Jones: This is a yellow clothes with blood. We gotta need to get this cloth to the lab and analyse the blood.

Analyse the blood.

Grace: Hello, <Rank> <Name>! So, you've got a yellow cloth.

Jones: Grace, can you analysis the blood in this cloth.

Grace: Oh sure, I will do it, Jones.
Grace: Leave it to me!

(After the blood is analysed.)

Grace: This is the blood of A+. The killer's blood is A+.

The killer's blood is A+.

Jones: Thanks for the information, Grace.

Grace: No problem!

Chief Dan Wilson: So, the killer's blood is A+, hm...

Jones: Of course, Chief!

Chief Dan Wilson: I am sure we will find some clues if we investigate the Entrance of our Police HQ again.
Chief Dan Wilson: <Name>, let's investigate again the Entrance of Police HQ!

Investigate Entrance of Police HQ.

(After investigation.)

Jones: You found a Slipper, huh.
Jones: Well done, <Rank> <Name>! You've done a great job!

The killer wears a pink slipper.

Dan: Shall we arrest the killer now, <Name>?

Take care of the killer now.

Chief Dan Wilson: Here are the two suspects for us. You gotta need to click on them to check their details.
Chief Dan Wilson: Using your clues you found, now arrest the killer <Name>! Find the killer!

(If you arrest first suspect.)

Chief Dan Wilson: <Name>, the suspect doesn't match the clues you found. Try again!

(After arresting the killer, it will check the matches with the clues you found.)

Chief Dan Wilson: Donaldo Brett, you are under arrest.

Donaldo: What?

Jones: You lost one slipper, huh. Isn't it this?

(Jones shows the slipper to Donaldo.)

Donaldo: This is my slipper.

Chief Dan Wilson: Silence, Donaldo! Don't raise your voice.
Chief Dan Wilson: You are under arrest for killing a police officer.
Chief Dan Wilson: All things you wanna talk, just talk to Judge Hall.

Judge Hall: So, you've killed a police officer, huh. What kind of a human being you are.
Judge Hall: How could you kill a police officer?

Donaldo: I killed him because he is useless.

Judge Hall: Shut up! You are sentenced to jail for 20 years for killing a police officer.
Judge Hall: Well done, <Name>! You've done a nice work!

Go to Additional Investigation.

Additional InvestigationEdit

Chief Dan Wilson: <Name>, we gotta need to check about Harry Brown too.
Chief Dan Wilson: Harry is not the killer, but we need to check him out.
Chief Dan Wilson: He seems to be a gang member too.

Talk to Harry Brown.

Jones: Harry Brown, I want some information from you.

Harry: Information? About me? You are kidding.

Chief Dan Wilson: Just tell me the information about you.

Harry: Ok! Ok! I will tell. I am a gang member too.
Harry: I own a gang named "Violet X Gang".

Jones: Violet X Gang?

Harry: Yes! And by the way, I lost my phone in one house too.
Harry: It's near. Can you find it for me, please?
Harry: In that, there are many messages I gotta need to show you.

Investigate House.

(After investigating the House.)

Jones: Nice work, <Rank> <Name>! You've found a phone.
Jones: Oh, it's cool that this is an iPhone.
Jones: Let's hand over it to Harry Brown.

Talk to Harry Brown.

Harry: Oh yes! This is my phone.
Harry: <Rank> <Name>, thanks for finding my phone.

Chief Dan Wilson: Did you got any messages?

Harry: Yeah! Check this one.

Chief Dan Wilson: So, this is the message, huh.
Chief Dan Wilson: "Mr. Harry, we've finished finding the stealer. Your daughter is safe right now".
Chief Dan Wilson: What? You have a daughter too?

Harry: Ah, yes! She's 7-years-old girl.

Chief Dan Wilson: It's nice, Harry! Ok. Anything you want from us?

Harry: I want you to send this letter to my wife, please.

Jones: Ok, leave it to us, Harry! <Rank> <Name>, let's give this letter to her wife.

Talk to Harry's wife.

Harry's Wife: Oh, who are you guys?

Jones: Don't worry, Madam! We are police officers. We heard that you are Harry's wife.

Harry's Wife: Oh, yes! My name is Maria Harry!

Jones: Ok, Madam.

(Harry Brown comes.)

Harry: Maria!

Maria: Harry! My husband!

Jones: Here, the letter from your husband.

Maria: Letter!? From my husband? Wow!
Maria: Let me read it.
Maria: "Dear Maria, my lovely wife! I am sorry for leaving you and daughter alone. I promise that I will be with you always. Sincerely, Your lovely husband - Harry Browns"
Maria: Oh, Harry! I am also sorry!

Jones: The work is done, <Rank> <Name>! Let's go.

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