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Chief Dan Wilson: Hello, <Name> We've received some new informations too.
Chief Dan Wilson: One of the salesman in the restaurant called me.
Chief Dan Wilson: He told that one of the chef is dead.
Chief Dan Wilson: You gotta need to investigate that Restaurant, <Name>.

Chapter 1Edit

Investigate the Restaurant.

(After investigating.)

Jones: You found a victim's body and murder weapon too, hmm...
Jones: This is gotta be a pistol.
Jones: Well done, <Rank> <Name>. Now first, let's give this body to Nathan to autopsy it.

Autopsy Victim's body.

(After autopsying Victim's body.)

Nathan: By checking this wound, I am sure to tell you that killer used his right hand.
Nathan: He got shot by right hand.

Jones: Alright, thanks Nathan.

Chief Dan Wilson: What's going on in this case, <Name>? Did you found any new things?

Jones: Of course, Chief! <Rank> <Name> has found victim's body and the murder weapon too.

Chief Dan Wilson: Great work, <Name>! I am proud of you.
Chief Dan Wilson: By the way, you gotta need to talk to the peoples too.
Chief Dan Wilson: <Name>, you gotta need to talk to the salesman of that restaurant right now.
Chief Dan Wilson: He's here only right now.

Talk to the salesman.

Salesman: Ah, <Rank> <Name>, I just found the dead body in the restaurant.
Salesman: But I don't know who killed him. He's eventually our chef in the restaurant.

Jones: I know that, salesman. But how you found the dead body?

Salesman: Hm... For me, today was a morning duty. So I entered the restaurant and I sawed that the chef is dead!
Salesman: I was very suprised and little bit shock too.
Salesman: So, I decided to tell this to your department. So that I phoned the Chief King and told the matter.

Jones: Alright! Thanks for your talk, Salesman. You can stay here till the case finishes.

Salesman: Ok, Mr. Jones!

Jones: <Rank> <Name>, let's go and inform it to the Chief King.

Chief Dan Wilson: What? You guys are telling the truth?

Jones: Yes, Chief!

Chief Dan Wilson: Right now, we need to find more clues too I think.

Jones: Of course, Chief! <Rank> <Name> will do it!

Chief Dan Wilson: Hm... Ok, <Name>! I need you to talk to Mr. Arnold - the restaurant's Manager.

Talk to Mr. Arnold.

Arnold: You officers! What do you want from me?

Jones: We want to talk with you, Mr. Arnold.
Jones: By the way, did you know that one of the Chef in your restaurant is dead?

Arnold: Hm, of course. His name is Mike Albertson. A nice guy and nice chef.

Jones: Hm... So the chef name is Mike Albertson.
Ok, Mr. Arnold - did you saw who killed him?

Arnold: Nope. But when I heard his voice, I came down and saw - he's dead!
Arnold: It shows me that the killer escaped.

Jones: Don't worry, Mr. Arnold. We will take care of this matter.
Jones: By the way, shall you allow us to investigate the Kitchen?

Arnold: Oh sure.

Investigate the Kitchen.

(After investigating.)

Jones: Hm... We've found a small piece of a card.

Arnold: Card?

Jones: We gotta need to examine it too.
Jones: But before that, is there any regular customers in your restaurant?

Arnold: Oh, yes! We have two regular customers.
Arnold: One is Jericho and another is Jericho's grandfather.

Jones: Hm... Thanks for the information, Arnold.

Examine the card.
OBJECTIVE: Move the objects to find the clue.

(After examining the card.)

Jones: What? This shows a tiny white hair. What is this?

Alex: This means that the killer has white hair.

The killer has white hair.

Jones: Hm... So, we've found a first clue. Let's go, <Rank> <Name> to inform the Chief King!

Chief Dan Wilson: What? So, that means the killer has white hair, hm...
Chief Dan Wilson: I've got a new suspect too.
Chief Dan Wilson: Maybe, if we investigate them - we can find more clues.

Jones: Alright, Chief!

Talk to Martin Richy.

Martin: Oh, Crime Investigation Officers, huh.

Jones: Martin, we want some informations from you.
Jones: Did you know that one of the chef in the restaurant died?

Martin: Of course. It came in the newspaper too.

Jones: Newspaper? How could it be?

Martin: The newspaper is in Manager Room. Go and check it out, if you want.

Jones: Hm... We'll check it out.

Investigate the Manager Room.

(After investigating the Manager room.)

Jones: We've found the height measurement records too.
It shows one of the old man - his age is 60
What? The killer is an old man? Impossible!

The killer's age is 60.

The killer is old man.

Jones: We don't need this newspaper I think. It's useless right now.
Jones: Let's talk again to Martin Richy.

Talk to Martin Richy.

Martin: Did you got the newspaper?

Jones: In case of the newspaper, we found new clues.
Jones: Thanks for telling us to investigate the Manager Room.

Martin: It's ok. By the way, I was a cop too.
Martin: But now I am retired and I work as businessman to earn money for my family and kids.

Jones: It's good that you work as a businessman.
Jones:In the age 19+ we need to work hard and harder.

Martin: Nice advice, Mr.

Jones: Ok. Let's report this matter to Chief King. Come on, <Rank> <Name>!

Chief Dan Wilson: Hm... Interesting works, guys. You've found 2 clues.
The killer's age is 60 and the killer is old man. Well done, <Name>

Jones: Ok, Chief King!

Chief Dan Wilson: I am sure that we are near to catch the killer. Hm...

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Chapter 2Edit

Later on that station....

Chief Dan Wilson: Hm... The case is going very well, huh.
Chief Dan Wilson: We have little more time to catch the killer.

Jones: Yes, Chief King!

Ramirez: <Rank> <Name>, An Old Man wants to talk to you.

Jones: Come on, <Rank> <Name> Let's check him out.

Talk to the Old Man.

Old Man: Hm... It's been a age for me. I am not under killings.

Jones: So, what do you think of the murder that occured?

Old Man: I don't know about that anything.

Jones: So, do you know any genius peoples who will identify the killer?

Old Man: Oh yes. My friend's grandson, his name is Jericho Carl.
You could talk to him.
He is just a 30 years old man.

Jones: Thank you, Sir!

Talk to Jericho Carl.

Jericho: Hm... I am a scientist and I do many things.

Jones: So, what do you think of the murder that occured?

Jericho: I read it on newspaper.

Jones: Hm... Let me investigate your house.

Jericho: For what?

Jones: We are doing our duty. We need to find the clues, Jericho!

Jericho: Oh, sure! Ok.

Investigate the House.

(After investigating the house.)

Jones: Jericho!! How did you get this gun?

Jericho: I-I don't know, sir!

Jones: Tell the truth.

Jericho: Hm... Ask to my grandpa, Nico Winston. He may know.

Talk to Nico Winston.

Nico: Hm... Mr. I don't know anything about this.
But today morning I lost the ring too. I want you guys to find it first.
Nico: Please, Mr.! That ring is important for me.

Jericho: Ok, sir! We will find it out.

Nico: You could check out the bedroom.

Investigate the Bedroom.

(After investigating.)

Nico: Oh thank you, Mr.! Thanks for finding it.

Jericho: Hm... You got the ring, huh.

Jones: But I don't know how you get the gun, Sir!

Nico: That's for I kept for safety.
Nico: Whenever, in night - if the thief comes to steal anything, I would shoot him.

Jones: Hm, ok. But we don't have much time to talk to you guys
We gotta need to examine this Package too.

Examine the package.
OBJECTIVE: Move the objects to find the clue.

Jones: What? How come the ring will be here?

(Jones also see's a photo.)

Jones: What? This ring is same.
Jones: And this photo shows me the Chief with the pistol on his head.
Jones: The ring - This means...
Jones: The old man wears a duplicate ring where as the original ring is here.
Jones: Nice catch, let's report it to Chief King, <Name>!

The killer wears a ring.

Chief Dan Wilson: What!? So the killer wears a duplicate ring where as the original ring is with us now.
Chief Dan Wilson: Hm... We will keep this photo for the proof, <Name>!Chief Dan Wilson: Shall we arrest the killer now?

Take care of the killer now.

(After arresting the killer, it will check the matches with the clues you found.)

Chief Dan Wilson: Ha! Nico Winston - you are under arrest.

Nico: You idiot, guys! I won't leave you!

Jericho: Grandpa! Is that you who killed?
Jericho: I am very ashamed, Grandpa!!

Jones: So, we've arrested the killer and now the thing is we need to put him in the jail!

Nico: No!!!

Jericho: Thank you, Officers! So, till these days - the killer of the chef was my Grandpa.

Jones: It's our work, Jericho!

Chief Dan Wilson: We gotta need to help these peoples too. Come on!
Chief Dan Wilson: Let's check these peoples too.

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Additional InvestigationEdit