Tea And Egg Murder is the case Case # 60).



Chapter: 5 Chapters

The victim was a protester leader named Anne Teaegg He was found decapitated and then frozen in a refrigerator

The killer was a leader of Chaos named Percy Lamacov Russian name Перси Lamacov

Percy was a psychopath who wanted to kill someone Well when it came Tea Egg Anne beheaded and placed in a refrigerator

The judge could not believe he has accomplished scare court Percy said it was Lamacov ge and the judge can not stand and sentenced to life without parole

Victim Edit

Anne Teaegg She was found Decapitated and then frozen in a freezer

Murder Weapon Edit


Killer Edit

Percy Lamacov

Suspects Edit

Killer Profile Edit

.The killer wears flip-flops.

.The killer uses detergent.

.The killer plays Tetris.

.The killer has frostbite.

.The killer is male.

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