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Oh Farm Accident
General information
Season 1 (Memory of the Past)
City Societeit
District Wild Rivers
Case # 27
Released 24th May 2018
Partner(s) Eleanor Cooper Rochester
Case chronology
← Preceded by Succeeded by →
Blood Paper Wild in the Train

Oh Farm Accident is the twenty-Seventh case overall in the city of Societeit and the third case of the Wild Rivers's district.

Plot Edit

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Summary Edit

Victim Edit

  • Elvira Cole (stabbed in the arm on his farm)

Murder Weapon Edit

  • Pitchfork

Killer Edit

  • Violet Flynn

Suspects Edit

Patrick Stand
Shop Maker
Height 5'3"
Age 39
Weight 200lbs
Eyes Black
Blood A+


  • Drinks Milk
  • Has A Collie


  • Wears A Cowboy Hat
Greta Jones
Height 5'6
Age 31
Weight 160lbs
Eyes Blue
Blood B-


  • Has problems remembering things
  • Drinks milk


  • Wears a cowboy hat
  • Is A Female
Violet Flynn
Farm Woman
Height 5'2"
Age 76
Weight 300lbs
Eyes Green
Blood O-


  • Has Problems remembering things
  • Drinks milk
  • Has A Collie


  • Wears a cowboy hat
  • Is A Female
Judge's Daughter
Height 5'1"
Age 15
Weight 91lbs
Eyes Blue
Blood B-


  • Has problems remembering thing
  • Drinks Milk


  • Wears a cowboy hat
Julia Byron
Italian's Daughter
Height 5'2"
Age 19
Weight 124lbs
Eyes Green
Blood A-


  • Has problems remembering things


  • Wears A Cowboy Hat
  • Is A Female

Quasi-Suspects Edit

Marina MacCarrot
Height 5'2"
Age 24
Weight 180lbs
Eyes Brown
Blood B+
Armand Blanton
Police Chief
Height 5'4"
Age 26
Weight 178lbs
Eyes Blue
Blood B-
Charlie Everett
Height 5'6"
Age 21
Weight 150lbs
Blood B-
Eyes Green

Crime Scenes Edit

Farmer House Farmer Room Farmer House Bonus
Victim's Room Room Chicken Victim's Room Bonus
Chicken Cash Chicken Farm Chicken Cash Bonus

Killer's Profile Edit

  • The Killer drinks milk
  • The Killer has problems remembering things
  • The Killer has a collie
  • The Killer Wears A Cowboy Hat
  • The Killer Is A Female

Steps Edit

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Chapter 1 Edit

  • Investigate Farmer House (Victim's Body, Broken Pieces, Locked Box; Victim Identified: Elvira Cole)
  • Examine Broken Pieces (Result: Toy)
  • Examine Toy (Result: No Troll Left Behind's toy; New suspect: Patrick Stand)
  • Ask Patrick what he is doing at the freak show (Prerequisite: Examine Toy)
  • Examine Locked Box (Result: Contract; New Suspect: Greta Jones)
  • Ask Greta about the death (New Crime Scene: Victim's Room)
  • Investigate Victim's Room (Clues: Painting, Farm Pieces of Wood)
  • Examine Painting (Result: Strange Box)
  • Examine Farm Pieces of Wood (Result: Farm Card; New Suspect: Flynn)
  • Ask Violet Flynn about the victim (Prerequisite: Examine Farm Pieces of Wood)
  • Analyse Victim's Body (17:00:00; Attribute: The Killer drinks milk)
  • Analyse Cube (03:00:00; Attribute: The Killer had problems remembering things)
  • Move onto Chapter 2 (No stars)

Chapter 2 Edit

  • Investigate Farmer Room (Clues: Pitchfork, Camera)
  • Examine Camera (Result: Recording)
  • Speak to Violet about his farm's safety (Profile Updated: Violet has problems remembering things; New Suspect: Susie Lane)
  • See what Susie wants (New Crime Scene: Room Chicken)
  • Investigate Room Chicken (Clues: Bag of Safe, Strange Bag)
  • Examine Bag of Safe (Result: Letter)
  • Ask Greta about the drugs on the letter (Profile Updated: Greta has problems remembering things)
  • Examine Strange Farm (Result: Young Photo; New Suspect: Julia Byron)
  • Talk to Julia about the victim (Prerequisite: Examine Strange Farm)
  • Examine Pitchfork (Result: Collie)
  • Analyse Collie (15:00:00; Attribute: The Killer has a collie)
  • Move onto Chapter 3 (2 Stars)

Chapter 3 Edit

  • Ask Susie about her real identity (Profile Updated: Susie has problem remembering things and drinks milk, Violet Drinks Milk; New Crime Scene: Chicken Cash)
  • Investigate Chicken Cash (Clues: Wooden Box, Newspaper)
  • Examine Newspaper (Result: Article)
  • Analyse Newspaper (09:00:00)
  • Ask Patrick Stand about the newspaper article (Profile Updated: Patrick drinks Milk, Greta Drinks Milk)
  • Examine Wooden Box (Result: Sister Photo)
  • Question Julia Byron about the stolen Sister (Profile Updated: Julia has Problems remembering things)
  • Investigate Chicken Farm (Clues: Broken Glass, Match box)
  • Examine broken box (Result: Farm Lamp)
  • Analyse Farm Lamp (09:00:00; Attributes: The Killer is a female)
  • Examine Match Box (Result: Small bag)
  • Analyse Small Bag (15:00:00; Attributes: The Killer wears cowboy hat)
  • Arrest the killer now!
  • Move onto Gone in Wild East (3/6) (1 Stars)

Gone in a Minute (3/6) Edit

  • Ask Marina about his brother (Reward: 20,000 Coins)
  • Investigate chicken farm (Clues: Book, Locked bag)
  • Examine Locked Bag (Prerequisite: Investigate Chicken Farm; Result: Opened Bag)
  • Examine Opened Bag (Result: Piece of Paper)
  • Investigate Victim's Room (Clue: Picture)
  • Examine Picture (Result: Young picture)
  • Question the Chief about the image (Prerequisite: Investigate Chicken Farm; Reward: Burger)
  • Examine Book (Result: Entry)
  • Analyse Martine Book (09:00:00)
  • Speak to Charlie on the Bag (Reward: Cowby Outfit)
  • Move onto next case (1 Star)

Trivia Edit

Calm down, partner. This section is soon to be added.
  • The title is a referent to the saying of the same name which means "An incident, especially one that is harmful, occurring under highly unusual and unlikely circumstances."