Laura Salter
Personal details
Full name Laura Salter
Gender Female
Status Alive
Birth 2006
Nationality Philipppines-Italian
Family Emma Salter (sister)
Veronica Salter (sister)
Violet Salter (sister)
Abigail Walcott (step-sister)
Game information
Can You Far You Think Her Good Life insurance Company This war
—- Laura Salter


Laura is a 11 years old Party Maker. She pink hair and wig stripper costume dress with rose tattoo on two sides and a small light money on your stripper costume. Sporting pink hair Pink wig. It is also known as she's an Philipppines-Italian. Her sister is an Slovak assistant named Veronica Salter and her original sister was Emma Salter. Besides that, she have a sister named Violet Salter and also have a step-sister named Abigail Walcott.


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