Laura Cooper Rochester
Biographical information
Full name Laura Keira Cooper Rochester
Gender Female
Status Alive
Birth 1900
Nationality American
Residence Societeit
Family Patricia Cooper Rochester (Cousin)

Leopold Cooper Rochester (Uncle)
Henry Cooper Rochester (Father)†
Ellie Cooper Rochester (Cousin)
Eduardo Cooper Rochester (Cousin)
Eleanor Cooper Rochester (Sister)
Cynthia Georges (Sister) †
Bernadine Cooper Rochester (Cousin)
Layla Cooper Rochester (Cousin)
Sarah Cooper Rochester (Mother)†
Andrew Cooper Rochester(Brother; incarcerated)
Jackley Cooper Rochester (Cousin)
Jimmy Cooper Rochester (Uncle)
Yulia Cooper Rochester (Relation)
Suzanne Cooper Rochester (Grandmother)
Jonah Cooper (Great Gandfather)
Victoria Rochester (Great Grandmother

Partner(s) Edgar Buchanan (Ex-Boyfriend)

Brittany Maylin (Crush)

Affiliation(s) Cooper Rochester Family
Game information
Appears in Societeit
First appeared A First of Murder

Laura Cooper Rochester (Also known as Laura Cooper) Is a 11 year old female from American. He is part of the Cooper Rochester family.

He was a suspect in the murder of Max Rutherford (Case 1) and later a suspect once again in the murder of Barbara Stanwyck (Case 5) and once again became a suspect in the murder investigate of police officer, Jonathan Greens (Case 6).

He helped the player in Let your Down Me with his boyfriend Edgar Buchanan.

However he once again became a suspect again, This time in the murder investigation of his friend Jack Nightingale (Case #9 of Societeit) and once again in the murder investigation of Meera Antonio (Case #12 of Societeit)

Since then. He left for a holiday and then came back later on in Kill Police (Which was case #18 of Societeit)

In Cabaret Road. Laura first became a suspect in the murder Investigation of his mother, Sarah Cooper Rochester (Case #19 of Societeit). He then appeared as a quasi Suspect in case #20 and was a suspect in the murder of Jill Ireland in Seeing That? (Case #23 of Societeit)

Case AppearancesEdit

A First of Murder (Case #1 of Societeit)
Death on Burn! (Case #2 of Societeit; Cameo)
The Hanged Out (Case #5 of Societeit)


  • Laura of one of the CAAE (Chicago Area American Express) characters to appear in the fanon
  • Laura is based on Keira Vasquez, The writer of the series
  • Laura's Mugshot was made by Toniera (A friend of Vasquez's)