Eleanor Cooper Rochester
Chica fanon character2
Biographical information
Full name Eleanor Dyborrhae Cooper Rochester
Gender Female
Status Alive
Birth 1890
Nationality American
Residence Societeit, US
Family Laura Cooper Rochester (Sister)

Patricia Cooper Rochester (Cousin)
Leopold Cooper Rochester (Uncle)
Henry Cooper Rochester (Father)†
Ellie Cooper Rochester (Cousin)
Eduardo Cooper Rochester (Brother)
Bernadine Cooper Rochester (Cousin)
Layla Cooper Rochester (Cousin)
Sarah Cooper Rochester (Mother)†
Andrew Cooper Rochester(Brother; incarcerated)
Jackley Cooper Rochester (Cousin)
Jimmy Cooper Rochester (Uncle)
Yulia Cooper Rochester (Relation)
Suzanne Cooper Rochester (Grandmother)
Jonah Cooper (Great Gandfather)
Victoria Rochester (Great Grandmother

Affiliation(s) Societeit Airship Squad
Cooper Rochester Family
Societeit Airship Squad
Rank Informant
Game information
Appears in Societeit
First appeared The Hanged Out
I'm Of Course Them Get Have Today
—Eleanor Cooper Rochester

Eleanor Cooper Rochester is a character in Societeit (Officer Chica's series). He was a suspect in the murder of Barbara Stanwyck in The Hanged Out and has appeared to help the team from time to time.

Case AppearancesEdit

The Hanged Out (Case #5 of Societeit)
Oh No this War (Case #6 of Societeit; Mentioned)
Let Your Down Me (Case #7 of Societeit)
Chocolate Rivers (Case #9 of Societeit)
Death on your Shop (Case #11 of Societeit; Mentioned)
The Shot Ripper (Case #12 of Societeit)
Mold Out (Case #14 of Societeit; Mentioned)
Kill Police (Case #18 of Societeit)
Sticks and Gallery (Case #19 of Societeit)
The Personnel Murder (Case #20 of Societeit; Suspect)
Doctor in Death (Case #21 of Societeit; Mentioned)
I Will Not Even Buzz (Case #22 of Societeit; Mentioned)
Seeing That? (Case #23 of Societeit; Mentioned)
A Slayer in Murder (Case #24 of Societeit)
Fallen Wild (Case #25 of Societeit; Mentioned)
Blood Paper (Case #26 of Societeit; Suspect)
Oh Farm Accident (Case #27 of Societeit; Partner)