Death by Racing (Case 2) the district of Danvile for city of Jackron Bay made by Koyos456

Case BackgroundEdit

The victim bicycle named is Jessica Brutal.with Falcon Punch mega punch to death! The killer racing named is Carl Dark


Jessica Brutal (There accident in car)

Murder WeaponEdit

Punch Race to Death


Carl Dark


  • Carl Dark-Racing (The killer is evil,the killer hate hero,the killer wear lab coat,the killer is blue eye,the killer drink Pepsi
  • Kelly Brutal-Victim's sister (The killer drink Pepsi)
  • Dr.Heinz Doofenshmirtz-Evil Scientist (The killer is evil,The killer hate hero,the killer wear lab coat,the killer is blue eye)
  • Phineas Flynn-Child Engineer (The killer drink Pepsi)
  • Sherrif Callie-Sherrif (The killer drink Pepsi)

Killer Profile Edit

  • The killer is evil
  • The killer drink Pepsi
  • The killer hate hero
  • The killer wear lab coat
  • The killer is blue eye

Crime SceneEdit

  • Minecraft Restaurant
  • Factory
  • Heinz's tower
  • Table
  • Machine
  • Inator


Chapter 1Edit

  • Investigate Minecraft Restaurant (Clue:Victim's body,Victim's WiFi,Cat)
  • Autopsy Victim's body (7:00:00) (Murder Weapon Confirmed:Punch Race to Death) (Evidence:The killer is evil) (New Suspect:Carl Dark)
  • Ask Carl about the victim (New Crime Scene:Factory)
  • Investigate Factory (Clue:Faded Notebook)
  • Examine Faded Notebook (Result:Threating Message)
  • Analyze Threating Message (8:00:00) (New Suspect:Dr.Heinz Doofenshmirtz) (Attribute:The killed drink Pepsi)
  • Ask Heinz about Threating victim (New Clue:Victim's Shoes)
  • Analyze Victim's shoes (3:00:00) (New Suspect:Kelly Brutal)
  • Talk Kelly about your sister death
  • Go to next Chapter 2 (Non-stars)

Chapter 2Edit

  • Ask Heinz about your tower
  • Investigate Heinz's tower (Clue:Victim's bicycle)
  • Examine  Victim bicycle (Result:Hair) 
  • Analyze Hair (2:00:00) (New Suspect:Sherrif Callie) (Attribute and Evidence:The killer hate hero)
  • Ask Callie about pulling victim's hair (New Suspect:Phineas Flynn)
  • Ask Phineas Flynn about Sherrif Wrong!
  • Ask Kelly about don't like a Phineas (New Crime Scene:Machine)
  • Investigate Machine (Clue:Faded Sticker,Black Magic Box)
  • Examine Faded Sticker (Result:Carl Dark)
  • Give Carl about sticker
  • Examine Black Magic Box (Result:Scalpel)
  • Analyze Scalpel (1:00:00)
  • Go to next Chapter  3 (1 stars)

Chapter 3Edit

  • Ask Henz about shoot inator (New Crime Scene:Inator)
  • Investigate Inator (Clue:Chain)
  • Analyze Chain (12:00:00) (Evidence:The killer wear lab coat
  • Investigate Table (Clue:Candles,Lab Coat,Jeremy's dog)
  • Examine Candles (Result:Creepypasta Ben Drowned)
  • Analyze Creepypasta Ben Drowned (10:00:00) (Attribute:The killer is blue eye)
  • Analyzed Lab Coat (05:00:00)
  • Arrest the suspect
  • Go to next Additional Investigation

Additional InvestigationEdit

  • Ask Phineas about game crash
  • Investigate Machine (Clue:USB Pen drive,Game CD)
  • Analyze USB Pen drive (3:00:00) (Result:Kelly Brutal)
  • Ask Kelly your USB Pen drive (Result:Heinz)
  • Arrest Heinz (Reward:Goblin Suit)
  • Give Phineas to game CD
  • Go to Next Case (3 stars)