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This is the first case of Shady Hills.
Dead Crisis
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Season 1
City Torn Valley
District Shady Hills
Case # 1
Release date June 23 ,2016
Partner(s) Eddison Hills(Chapter 1)

Jason Craig(To The Open Road 1)

Preceded by Succeeded by
None Home Is Where The Heart Isn't


You are welcomed by Eddison Hills, a rookie inspector, soon revealed to be your partner. Chief Bel assigns you two to be partners afterwards.She asks you to investigate the Backstreet as shady stuff has been going on there.Upon arriving, you spot the body of Elena Patrikov,a heiress to Patrikov Power Corp.(Not an electric company).The killer was revealed to be Frank Michelli, the victim's lover who claims that the victim loved money more than him.

After the arrest of Frank.Chief Bel asks you to interrogate the victim's father about shady activities with Jason Craig-the tech expert.Upon finding some crates of ammo which were revealed to be his, he denies involvment in those activities and sends the team away with a restraining order.


  • Elena Patrikov(found stabbed through the heart)


  • Diamond Encrested Knife


  • Frank Michelli


  • Amber Wright-Victim's friend-wears blue
  • Gustav Patrikov-Victim's father-wears blue and a golden brooch
  • Frank Michelli-Victim's lover-wears blue,a golden brooch and a scarf
  • Gran Knight-Witness-wears a scarf

Killer ProfileEdit

  • Killer wears blue
  • Killer wears a golden brooch
  • Killer wears a scarf


Chapter 1Edit

  • Investigate Backstreet(Victim's Body,New Suspect:Gran Knight)
  • Ask Gran about what she saw(Killer wears a golden brooch)
  • Autopsy Victim's Body(Killer wears blue,New Suspect:Amber Wright)
  • Inform Amber about her friend's death(New Suspect:Frank Michelli)
  • Ask Frank about her relationship with the victim
  • See why Gustav needs you(All tasks done,New Crime Seen:Dumpster)
  • Investigate Dumpster(Trash Bag)
  • Examine Trash Bag
  • Analyze Knife(Killer wears a scarf)
  • Arrest Killer(1 star)

To The Open Road 1Edit

  • Ask Gustav about shady activities
  • Investigate Backstreet(Ammunition Box)
  • Examine Box(Fingerprints)
  • Analyze Fingerprints
  • Make Gustav confess(100 XP)
  • Next Case (No stars)


  • Gran Knight's name is based on granite