Cynthia Georges
Biographical information
Full name Cynthia Daisy Georges
Gender Female
Status Alive
Age 23
Nationality American
Residence Societeit
Profession(s) N/A
Family Unnamed brother
Affiliation(s) Societeit Airship Squad
Societeit Airship Squad
Rank Archivist
Game information
Appears in Societeit
First appeared A First of Murder
you have any questions please feel looks like her books
—Cynthia Georges

Cynthia Daisy Georges is the archivist in the Societeit Airship squad. She's seen as the quite lively and very funny member of the group.

Case AppearancesEdit

A First of Murder (Case #1 of Societeit)
Death on Burn! (Case #2 of Societeit)


A First of Murder
Book Open (06:00:00)
Paper (09:00:00)
Book (09:00:00)
Death on Burn!
Death Ticket (03:00:00)
Wash Machine (12:00:00)