Concordia New York
Type late 19th century city
Founder TBA
Established 1864
Country Flag of United States United States of America West Coast
Inhabitants Concordian
Population 12,000+
Primary LEA Concordian Department Justice
Key figures Jessica Hayes (Chief of Police)
Appearance(s) Criminal Case (s4)

Concordia New York is the city located in the fourth season of Criminal Case, known as Criminal Case: Back to the Mysteries. The city is located in late nineteenth century United States of America.

Concordia New YorkEdit

The city of Concordia New York will be featured as the main setting for all events occurring in Back to the Mysteries. The districts of Concordia New York features as chronologized; New Haven, Party Hill, Century Central, Sinner's End, Wild East, Crimson Money, Wolf Street, Grim Church, Ivory Hill and Capitol Site.