Anne Holmes
Biographical information
Full name Anne Holmes
Gender Female
Status Alive
Age 23
Birth 1888
Nationality American
Residence Societeit
Past profession(s) N/A
Family Alexander Pitch (Brother)

Natalie Green (Mother)
Jack Holmes (Father)
Unknown Stepbrother
Unknown Adoptive Sister

Affiliation(s) Societeit Airship Squad
Societeit Airship Squad
Rank Detective
Game information
Appears in Societeit
First appeared A First of Murder
I can Yourself Me!
—Anne Holmes

Anne Holmes is one of the partners in the series Societeit. She first Appeared in A First of Murder (Case 1 of Societeit)

She's was a 5 feet female who is 23 years of age.

She became a suspect in the murder investigate of Virginia Woolf after the airship found her airship badge in the bin. (This was in Death on your Shop) and then later became a victim in the events of A How East is Wild

Case Appeared: Edit

A First of Murder (Case #1 of Societeit)
Death on Burn! (Case #2 of Societeit)
On the Door is Fire (Case #3 of Societeit)
Tomb of Christmas Tree (Case #4 of Societeit)
Oh No this War (Case #6 of Societeit)
The Voice Ghost Out (case #8 of Societeit)
Crush on Soda (Case #10 of Societeit)
Death on your Shop (Case #11 of Societeit)
Broken Glass (Case #13 of Societeit)
The Word of Holy Week! (Case #16 of Societeit)
Kill Police (Case #18 of Societeit)
Sticks and Gallery (Case #19 of Societeit)
The Personnel Murder (Case #20 of Societeit)
Seeing That? (Case #23 of Societeit)
A Slayer in Murder (Case #24 of Societeit)
Fallen Wild (Case #25 of Societeit)
Blood Paper (Case #26 of Societeit; Mentioned)
Oh Farm Accident (Case #27 of Societeit)
Wild in the Train (Case #28 of Societeit)
A How East is Wild (Case #30 of Societeit)